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RSE Racing Report – 15th July 2018

Race to the Stones

Over the weekend of 14th and 15th July the Race to the Stones took place.  This is a 100 km race along The Ridgeway which runs from the Chilterns to the North Wessex Downs, concluding at the old stone circle at Avebury, Wiltshire.  Competitors can either complete a 50 km distance in 1 day, complete the full distance over 2 days doing 50 kms each day or attempt the full distance in 1 day.

Historians say humans have walked the length of the Ridgeway for over 5000 years.  This weekend it was Mark Manley’s chance to follow in their footsteps on the same day as celebrating his birthday.

Mark completed the race in 14:05:27 coming 170th out of 895 runners who completed the course.  An absolutley fantastic result well done.


Lulworth Cove Trail Running Challenge

The Lulworth Cove Trail Running Challenge is an event that includes a 10km, half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon race on the same day.  The ultra marathon is a very challenging race that covers a distance of 32.1 miles with an elevation gain of 7208 feet.  It commences at Lulworth Cove and takes in one of the most beautiful and recognisable stretches of coastline in the country.

On Saturday 14th July Nadine Brown completed the ultra marathon event in a very impressive time of 8:25:18 coming in as the 6th female.  Outstanding effort.


The Selsey Sizzler

The Selsey Sizzler 10.4km is the second in the Trailmania series of races and took place on Sunday 15th July.  The race is 98% trail running and involves a total ascent of 542m.  It started at the King’s Stanley village green and headed off onto the Cotswold Way passing through Selsey Common, Pen Hill before returning back down to King’s Stanley.

Teresa Hazlewood completed a very hot race in an unofficial time of 1:10:00 followed shortly by Cheri Edwards in 1:12:59.

A great effort from you both.

Cirencester Park Run

Naomi Allen – 29:32

Charley Trykush – 34:54

Elle Murano – 53:15


Eastleigh Park Run

Brett Lyons – 26:53


Swindon Park Run

Jonathan Lewis – 21:57


Mentioned in Dispatches

For reasons that a clearly explained earlier in the report both Nadine Brown and Mark Manley are mentioned in dispatches this week.  Not only did they have to run further than they have ever ran, they had to deal with heat, extreme fatigue, sausage fingers (Mark) and ongoing ankle injury (Nadine).  Clearly both have demonstrated what can be achieved through hard work and determination and are great representatives of the club.

RSE Racing Report – 8th July 2018

Frampton 10k

On a sunny and hot evening on 2nd July 448 runners completed the Frampton 10k.   This was a flat and fast course that starts at the green in the picturesque village of Frampton-on-Severn before heading to the village of Fretherne and down to the river Severn before looping back to Frampton.  Seven members of RSE ran the race including Sarah Reynolds, Kirsty Pitts, Teresa Hazlewood, Paul Coates who were all recovering from their efforts in the Cotwsold Relay the day before.  Extra good effort from them.

First in for RSE was Teresa Hazlewood with a time of 48:25.  She was followed by;

Sarah Reynolds – 49:51

Paul Coates – 50:58

Kirsty Pitts – 55:50

Sarah Gray – 1:01:10

Jenny Hoffman -1:02:53

Caroline Coates – 1:10:58


Gloucester 10k

The Gloucester 10k race took place on Sunday 8th July.  The course was designed with sight seeing in mind and therefore it had the odd twist and turn.  However it was predominantly flat and for most runners this was a potential PB course.  During the race you visit the Gloucester Cathedral, Docks and Quays finishing at Gloucester Park.

Amanda Haines completed a very very hot race in 1:08:42.  She was followed by Kay Thompson in 1:19:07.

Well done both of you.

Bath Two Tunnels Races 

Also on Sunday 8th July RSE had a lot of runners taking part in the Bath Two Tunnels Races.  This was a multi distance event using the Two Tunnels Greenway path shared along Linear Park.  It includes the Devonshire Tunnel which measures 408m long and the Coombe Down Tunnel measuring 1672m long.  The half marathon route is a 2 lap out and back course which means that the runners pass through the tunnels 4 times during the race which makes it the race with the longest underground section in Britain.  It is sold as being perfect for setting a PB however this didn’t account for the very hot weather.  The coolness in the tunnels and the piped music where a welcome relief from the sun.

Libby Saunders completed the 5k race in 32:55

In the 10k Steve Phelps completed the race in 49:21 followed by Martin Pitts in 51:01.

First in for RSE in the half marathon with not only a PB by 6 minutes but in 4th place overall was Tom Cooper in a very impressive time of 1:25:14.

Next in for RSE was Ollie Hazel in 15th place overall in 1:32:53 who was followed by;

Andy Masser – 1:39:31

Dave Daniels – 1:46:39

Nadine Brown – 1:48:47 who was 4th in her age category.

Sharon Smith – 1:50:22 who was 1st in her age category.

Ellie Taylor – 1:55:37 who beat her PB by 5 minutes

Paul Coates – 2:00:25

Kirsty Pitts – 2:05:24

Sandie Wood – 2:12:41 who kept in the family trend by coming 4th in her age category.

Ryo Taylor – 2:22:07


Cirencester Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 21:59

Steve Sandercock – 26:39

George Rackley – 29:36

Jon Collins – 30:26

Naomi Allen – 31:48

Caroline Sandercock – 37:27


Mentioned in Dispatches

The following members have been selected to be mentioned in dispatches.

Tom Cooper for not only setting a PB during a very hot half marathon but by smashing his previous PB by 6 minutes and coming 4th overall.

Ellie Taylor for also setting a PB in the half marathon smashing her previous by 5 minutes.

Ryo Taylor for achieving something that has probably never been done before at the two tunnels half marathon.  Getting lost!

Everyone who raced on Sunday it was very hot.

PS – For those who are unsure about the rules concerning being mentioned in dispatches (I’m not surprised as I make them up as I go) you can’t nominate yourself.






RSE Racing Report – 1st July 2018

Cotswold Way Relay

The Cotswold Relay has been running now for 25 years and is operated as 10 back to back races with each stage starting with a mass start at the expected arrival time of the 1st runner from the previous stage.

Running from Chipping Campden in the early morning through to the arrival at Bath Abbey in the early evening using the way marked route of the Cotswold Way as the route.  The route is 90% off-road taking in many hills, woodlands, fields and tracks and offers spectacular views of the countryside around.

In total 118 teams entered the event in 4 different categories.  RSE entered teams into the Senior Men’s, Ladies and Mixed categories.

Stage Results

Stage 1 – Chipping Campden to Stanway House, 12 miles with a   373 m ascent.

72nd –  1:49:41 – Dave Witnall – Marvelous Men

97th –  2:01:06 – Eleanor Taylor – Magnificent Mixed

101st – 2:02:21 – Laura Peters – Wonderful Women


Stage 2 – Stanway House to Club House, Cleeve Common, 11.5 miles with a 473 m ascent.

39th –  1:46:29 – Henry Church – Marvelous Men

94th –  2:13:15 – Sarah Reynolds – Magnificent Mixed

112th – 2:22:00 – Tracey Pitts – Wonderful Women


Stage 3 – Club House, Cleeve Common to A435/A436 Seven Springs 8.2 miles with a 327 m ascent.

42nd – 1:14:19 – Nick Duncan (aka Animal) – Marvelous Men

93rd – 1:29:48 – Kirsty Pitts – Wonderful Women

94th – 1:29:49 – Dave Whitlow – Magnificent Mixed


Stage 4 – A435/A436 Seven Springs to Royal William, Cranham Corner, 12.7 miles with a 406 m ascent.


23rd  – 1:40:11 – Oliver Hazell – Marvelous Men

73rd  – 2:04:55 – Theresa Hazlewood – Magnificent Mixed

107th – 2:22:00 – Jessica Osborne – Wonderful Women


Stage 5 – Royal William, Cranham Corner to Ebley Mill, Stroud, 11.7 miles with a 302 m ascent.

53rd – 1:46:32 – Amelia Culshaw – Magnificent Mixed

85th – 1:55:38 – Ben Chapman – Marvelous Men

107th 2:15:00 – Emma Hine – Wonderful Women


Stage 6 – Ebley Mill, Stroud to Hill Road, Dursley, 8.8 miles with a 409 m ascent.

43rd – 1:24:05 – John Buck – Marvelous Men

88th – 1:43:05 – Paul Coates – Magnificent Mixed

104th – 1:51:01 – Rosie Oates – Wonderful Women


Stage 7 – Hill Road, Dursley to Opposite St Mary’s Church, Wotton-Under-Edge, 7.2 miles with a 292 m ascent.

34th – 1:07:48 – Mark Garrett – Marvelous Men

115th – 1:40:00 – Sallie Clatworthy – Wonderful Women

116th – 1:40:00 – Rebecca Wilson – Magnificent Mixed


Stage 8 – Opposite St Mary’s Church, Wotton-Under-Edge to Dog Inn, Old Sodbury, 12 miles with a 404 m ascent.

28th – 1:46:59 – Tom Cooper – Marvelous Men

91st – 2:20:44 – Sharon Smith – Wonderful Women

110th – 2:22:00 – Richard Marshall – Magnificent Mixed


Stage 9 – Dog Inn, Old Sodbury to Cold Ashton, 9.2 miles with a  240 m ascent.

61st – 1:30:36 – Martin Joyce – Marvelous Men

78th – 1:36:32 – Nadine Brown – Magnificent Mixed

97th – 1:47:09 – Elaine Chapman – Wonderful Women


Stage 10 – Greenway Lane, Cold Ashton to Bath Abbey, 9.8 miles with a 240 m ascent.

45th – 1:28:06 – Dave Daniels – Marvelous Men

73rd – 1:41:15 – Martin Sherriff – Magnificent Mixed

86th – 1:46:13 – Jo Wood – Wonderful Women

In the senior men’s category The Marvelous Men came 11th out of 19 teams with a total time of 15:43:52.

In the ladies category The Wonderful Women came 16th out of 16 teams with a total time of 19:56:16.

In the mixed category The Magnificent Mixed came 48th out of 66 teams with a total time of 18:38:29.


Mentioned in Dispatches

The following members have been selected to be mentioned in dispatches.

Tom Cooper for remaining calm under pressure and actually doing something when all about him had no idea.

Nadine Brown for action above and beyond the call of duty in that she did not let an injured ankle prevent her from running.

Elaine Chapman also for action above and beyond the call of duty in that she did not let an injured ankle prevent her from running.

Sharon Smith who has not been nominated for forgetting her trainers but for running her leg in a pair of trainers 2 sizes to big.

All those other runners who completed their legs but then went on to other legs to assist in marshalling (you know who you are).

Great running from everyone who ran in some very hot and difficult conditions well done.


Cirencester Park Run

Jon Collins – 25:38

George Rackley – 31:56

Vanessa Poole – 34.03

Well done.


RSE Racing Report – 24th June 2018

Chedworth Midsummer Run Out

Three members of RSE took part in the inaugural Chedworth Midsummer Run Out on Thursday 21st June.  This is a new event organised by the Chedworth Crickt Club and covers a stunning trail run of around 6 miles taking in Withington and Chedworth Woods and also a section of the Stowell Park estate.  This is a challenging trail which is primarily off road and includes plenty of stiles to negotiate.

First to finish for the club and competing in his first trail race was Kevin Joynes-Creed in a time of 1:01:27.  He was followed by Lisa-Marie Evans in 1:20:21 and Kay Thompson in 1:31:59.


Run for Gin Race Cheltenham

On Friday 22nd June RSE entered a mixed 4 person team into this relay race that requires each team member to complete a 2 mile run around the beautiful Pitville Park in Cheltenham.  On successfully completing the leg you are provided with a glass of gin.  The team of Jess Osbourne, Libby Saunders, Steve Phelps and Martin Sherriff (including guest appearance of Starpig) completed the race in fifth place overall and first place in the mixed team category in a time of 1 hr 32 secs .


Sherborne 10k

The Sherborne 10k run which is in it’s 8th year took place on Sunday 24th June and involves a challenging all-terrain 10k run through the beautiful National Trust parkland and the sleepy streets of Sherborne.

Sharon Smith completed the course in a course pb of 51:52 which was 4 mins faster than last year.  Surprisingly Sharon also came first in her age group.


Cricklade Olympic Triathlon

Sarah Reynolds entered the Cricklade Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday 24th June.  This included a 1500 m pool swim, 40 k cycle finishing off with a 10 k run. Not only did Sarah complete this in 2:39:45 but also came first as first lady.


Nailsworth Nelly Race

The Nailsworth Nelly race is the first run of the Trailmania series and involves a scenic 10.5 k trail run through Nailsworth and Avening.  Two members of RSE entered this event with Cheri Edwards completing the run in 1 hr 8 mins followed very closely by Teresa Hazlewood in 1 hr 9 mins.

The next race in this series is the Selsley Sizzler in 3 weeks time.


Cirencester Park Run

Amanda Mcllroy – 37:11 which is a pb by 4 minutes.

Sarah Page – 27:09 and also a pb


Great effort from everyone racing this past week.