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RSE Race Report – 20th January 2019

Linda Franks 5 Mile


The 25th Annual Linda Franks Race took place on Sunday 20th January 2019.  This race was also one of the Gloucestershire AAA Championship races for 2019.

The race consisted of a fast, flat 2 lap course in residential areas in Cheltenham with perfect weather conditions.

Representing and first in for RSE was Dave Witnall who completed the race in 30:33 which was also a PB by 76 seconds.  He was followed by;

Mark Manly – 32:50

Ellie Taylor – 37:51 in a PB

Kirsty Pitts – 39:29

Ryo Taylor – 40:41

Martin ‘Ted’ Pitts – 40:51

Sarah Page – 41:06 in a PB

Cathy Steer – 42:54 in a PB

Kay Thompson – 58:33 in a PB


Great effort from you all.


Gloucester Half Marathon


The Gloucester Half Marathon took place on Sunday 20th January 2019 starting at Quedgeley.

This was a road race event consisting of a 1.1 mile run to the start of a 5.5 mile 2 lap circuit and then 1 mile to the finish.

Representing and first in for RSE was Mark Garrett who completed the race in a time of 1:31:46.  He was followed by;

Tom Cooper – 1:35:19

Andy Masser – 1:37:36

Dave Whitlow – 1:42:06

Kevin Joynes-Creed – 1:51:27 and a PB by over 4 minutes

Rochelle Ravenscroft – 1:53:56

Linda Edwards – 1:58:17 and a PB

Sandie Wood – 1:59:30 and a PB by 4 minutes.

Nadine Brown – 1:59:31

Istvan Vegh – 2:06:16 and a PB

Becca Wilson – 2:18:05

Pauline Tilbury – 2:18:13

Great running from everyone.


Mentioned in Dispatches

This is the first Mentioned in Dispatches for races run in 2019 and there are a few people to mention today.

A lot of PBs set this weekend including Ellie Taylor, Sarah Page, Cathy Steer and Kay Thompson.

Some memorable efforts however included

Dave Witnall who took 76 seconds off his previous 5 mile PB averaging a very impressive 6:08 minute miles.

Kevin Joynes-Creed who managed to take 4 minutes from his half marathon PB.

Sandie Wood who also beat her previous half marathon PB by 4 minutes.

Linda Edwards who set a half marathon PB in her first race running in a RSE vest.

Istvan Vegh who bravely decided that the first race he was ever going to run was a half marathon and therefore also set a PB.

A great start to the year and well done to all runners.


Cirencester Park Run 

Felicity Crotty – 29:53


Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 20:57

Jonathan Lewis – 23:21

Amy Breakspear – 34:05


Netley Abbey Park Run

Paul Coates – 24:42

Caroline Coates – 32:58


RSE Race Report – 13th January 2019

Country to Capital Ultra Marathon

This year was the 11th Anniversary of this race which is now established as the opener to the Ultra race calendar and one of the premier single day Ultra events in the UK.

The route took in some pretty stunning countryside which, even in the depths of winter looks good. The countryside route continued well inside the M25 where runners picked up the Grand Union Canal tow path for the final run into London where they finished at the beautiful and enchanting Little Venice.

Representing RSE was Rochelle Ravenscroft and Gareth Roberts who completed the race in 9:05:00.

Great effort from you both.


Mentioned in Dispatches

The Gloucestershire AAA Road Race Series involves first claim members of affiliated Gloucestershire running clubs, including Running Somewhere Else, who are automatically entered into the Gloucestershire AAA Road Race series if they compete in the listed races.

The Series consists of 12 open races nominated by the Glos AAA Road Race Committee covering a variety of distances.

Points were awarded according to the runner’s position among fellow County runners. The best EIGHT scores achieved were counted, and at least FIVE events had to be completed. Points were awarded to the TEN leading runners in each category, 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th place.

On Friday 11th January the awards evening took place during which time all winners were presented with their awards.

Sandie Wood achieved a Gold Medal in the Ladies V55 category.

Sharon Smith achieved a Gold Medal in the Ladies V65 category.

Mark Manley achieved a Silver Medal place in the Male V50 category.

Elaine Chapman achieved a Bronze Medal in the Ladies V35 category.

This was a fantastic achievement from them all and they thoroughly deserve to be congratulated.


Cirencester Park Run 

Ellie Taylor – 25:27

Wayne Edginton – 25:38

Lindsay Gregory – 27:13

Vicki Mason – 27:39

Anne Gardiner – 27:59

Sarah Reynolds – 29:14

Vanessa Cheesman-Smith – 31:53

Amanda McIlroy – 39:44


Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 21:33

Steve Sandercock – 26:18

Caroline Sandercock – 34:09

Amy Breakspear – 36:21


RSE Race Report – 6th January 2019

Gloucestershire AAA County Cross Country Championships


The 2019 Gloucestershire AAA County Cross Country Championships was held at Rendcomb College, Nr Cirencester on Saturday 5th January 2019.  The course was described as suitable for studded shoes and spikes and consisting of a mix of grazed fields, wooded tracks and several stream crossings.

Success at this event could result in selection to represent Gloucestershire at the 2019 Inter Counties Cross Country Championships at Loughborough on Saturday 9th March.

The ladies event was a 6.5 km race involving 2 laps around a 3.3km circuit.

Representing RSE was Sharon Smith who completed the race in 35:39 coming 1st in the LV65 category.  She was followed by

Ellie Taylor – 35:52

Jo Wood – 37:16 and 4th in the LV40 category

Elaine Chapman – 37:32

Sarah Gray – 45:53

Kate Potter – 45:53 and 1st in the LV70 category

The senior ladies team came 13th overall.


The men’s event was a 10.0 km race involving 3 laps around a 3.3 km circuit.


Representing RSE was Dave Witnall who completed the race in 44:29.  He was followed by

Mark Manley – 46:24

Vijay Shaw – 48:17

Ben Chapman – 50:53

Martin Sheriff – 52:56


Great effort from all runners and supporters.


Cirencester Park Run 

Vicki Mason – 27:18

Anne Gardiner – 28:31

Cathy Steer – 28:38

Sarah Reynolds – 31:23

Suzanne Steel – 32:19

George Rackley – 32:38

Amanda McIlroy – 41:06


Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 20:53

Steve Sandercock – 26:02

Sandie Wood – 27:36

Tracy Webster – 29:23

Caroline Sandercock – 33:51


Cheltenham Park Run

Lisa Courtney – 25:52

RSE Race Report – 30th December 2018

Winter Ultra Cross 50k

The Winter Cross Ultra 50k took place at Meonstoke near Southampton on Thursday 27th December.  The race consisted of three out and back legs of different terrains.

The course legs were run in the order of N-E-W

North (9k with 8k being off-road) mostly flat, easy and on gravel/chippings.

East (21k with 16k being off-road) was probably the toughest with two significant hill climbs and a smaller one on the outbound leg.

West (21k with 12k being off-road) was varied and interesting. Whilst not having the views of the East leg, it passed through the picturesque villages of Meonstoke and Exton to join the South Downs Way heading through farms towards Winchester.

Representing RSE was Rochelle Ravenscroft who completed the race in 6:24:00.  She was followed very closely by Gareth Roberts who finished in the same time.

Great effort from you both.


Gloucester 10 mile

The Gloucester 10 mile road race took place on Sunday 30th December.

The course was mainly flat with a few inclines and included a section out to the main loop followed by two laps with a section back to the finish.

Representing RSE was Mark Manley.  A man who is known to go that extra mile in his running effort.  Well at least in this race he was close to doing that due to a marshalling error, resulting in him running an extra 0.8 miles.  He still completed the race in 1:17:08 which was a PB in his first 10.8 mile race.  He was followed by;

Sharon Smith – 1:19:52 which was a PB and first in the LV60 category.

Kirsty Pitts – 1:28:00

Emma Hine – 1:28:28 in a new PB

Becca Wilson – 1:30:48 and also a PB.

Richard Marshall – 1:37:54 which was a PB.

Well done to you all


Cirencester Park Run 22nd December

Dave Witnall – 22:51

Paul Coates – 25.00

Ellie Taylor – 25:18

Sarah Reynolds – 26:28

Anne Gardiner – 28:24

Charley Trykush – 47:17


Cirencester Park Run 29th December

Dave Witnall – 21:59

Lindsay Gregory – 27.38

Anne Gardiner – 27:52

Sandie Wood – 28:53

Cathy Steer – 30:06

Tracey Webster – 31:34

Caroline Joynes-Creed – 35:19

Kevin Joynes-Creed – 35:19


Swindon Park Run 22nd December

Steve Sandercock – 26:29

Caroline Sandercock – 34:13


Swindon Park Run 29th December

Martyn Joyce – 23:05

Steve Sandercock – 26:37

Caroline Sandercock – 34:38


Marlborough Common Park Run 22nd December

Cathy Steer – 29:31