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RSE Racing Report – 29th July 2018

Tenby 10k

The Tenby 10k race took place on Sunday 29th July starting and ending in the picturesque town of Tenby, Pembrokeshire.  Becky Heal represented RSE in Wales completing the race in 1:41:13 with a big smile.  Well done.


Northumberland Coastal Run 

The Northumberland Coastal Run on Sunday 29th July was a multi terrain event that starting on the sand in Beadnell Harbour, then onto road, sand, trail, road and finishing on the sand at Almouth Estuary.  The race is a 13.2 mile course and runners  couldn’t be blamed for having second thoughts about entering the event when it states on the website,”This is NOT a fun run, it is a challenging and unmarked course”.  Add that to the rain and head winds of 40 mph Teresa Hazlewood did very well to complete the course in 2:05:57.  Great effort.


Relay for Life Cirencester

Relay for life is a team fundraising challenge bringing communities together to beat cancer.  Teams of family and friends fundraise for life-saving cancer research by joining in a 24 hr celebration to run and walk around a 400 metre track on the Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney.

This weekend brought a dramatic change to the weather resulting in lots of wind, rain and broken gazebos.  Sallie Clatworthy not only had to endure the weather, but sleep deprevation and a gig from Plucking Difference whilst completing more than her share of laps.  Great effort from Sallie and everyone else who took part and raised in the region of £100,000.


Cirencester Park Run

Steve Phelps – 23:17

Martin Sheriff – 25:43

Jon Collins – 26:18

Jessica Osbourne – 27:37


Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 28:17



RSE Racing Report – 22nd July 2018

Gloucester 5K

The Gloucester 5k race took place on Thursday 19th July.  This is a flat single lap race that finished outside the Beacon Inn in the village of Haresfield.  Four members of RSE took part in the race with Mark Manley leading the charge in 21:31 and coming 6th in the MV50 category.

He was followed by ;

Sharon Smith – 23:42 and 2nd in the LV60 category

Elaine Chapman – 24:46 and 6th in the SL category

Sandie Wood – 27:52 and 4th in the LV50 category

This was also a Gloucester AAA county race with Sharon and Sandie getting gold medals, Elaine getting a silver and Mark getting a bronze medal in their relevant categories.  Great efforts well done.


Bourton 1 Mile Challenge

This is exactly what it says on the tin, a 1 mile fast flat road race that finishes in the centre of picturesque Bourton -on-the-Water.  This race is part of the Gloucestershire Road Race Series and is also the one mile Gloucestershire Championship race.  With RSE providing 11 runners in the field of 165 we were well represented.  First home for RSE was Ben Chapman – 5:53 which was a PB.  He was followed by;

Mark Manley – 5:54 – PB

Steve Phelps – 6:18 – PB

Teresa Hazlewood – 6:32 – PB

Norm Lever – 6:39

Rosie Oates – 6:48

Rich Taylor – 6:50

Elaine Chapman – 7:00

Sharon Smith – 7:19 – 1st LV65

Sandie Wood – 8:18

Kay Thompson – 10:13 – PB


Pretty Muddy Exeter 5k



Pretty Muddy events are part of the Race For Life events for Cancer Research UK.

The Pretty Muddy Exeter isn’t like any other fundraising event.  It is a muddy obstacle course that women of any ability can climb over, crawl under and charge through. It takes place on the paths and fields around the showground and is on a mixed terrain of tarmac and grass.

RSE was represented by Libby Saunders with a guest appearance of Mumma Woo.  Looks like a lot of fun.


The Cranham Beast

The Cranham Beast 10k is the last of the 3 race trailmania series.  It took place on Sunday 22nd July  and on one of the hilliest but beautiful parts of the Cotswolds.  This race was not for the feint hearted but did give the runners to explore the famous Cheese Rollers Hill (Coopers Hill) and visit the villages of Sheepscombe, Witcombe, Birdlip and Cranham.

Teresa Hazlewood (with a slight detour) 1:10:23 and Cheri Edwards 1:12 not only completed the course but Cheri came first lady runner in the series followed closely by Teresa in second place.  Great effort.

Bath Relish 10k Trail Race   

The Bath 10k trail race is a 2 lap course which stays on the hill tops offering great views of Bath from the iconic Sham Castle as well as Little Solsbury Hill and Bannerdown Hill.  There is a mix of terrain including open meadows, single track way and winding forest trails.

Jenny Hoffman was first in for RSE in 1:15 followed by Kate Potter in 1:15.  Well done both of you.


Cirencester Park Run

Jon Collins – 24:32 – PB

George Rackley – 29:14

Cathy Steer – 30:00

Amanda Haines – 31:12

Jane O’Dell – 33:28

Charley Trykush – 35:26

Amanda MCilroy – 35:32


Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 29:06


Andover Park Run

Kay Thompson – 37:29



Mentioned in Dispatches

One of the rules in my imaginary rule book for Mentioned in Dispatches is that I do not nominate the same person in consecutive weeks.  Being a stickler for imaginary rules I will stick with that rule.  Therefore the person mentioned in dispatches this week will remain unnamed. Most people who undertake a gruelling 100k event will spend at least the next week relaxing and at best will go out for a couple of easy short runs.  Not this person.

Not only did this runner (you will notice how I am keeping it gender neutral to make it harder to identify them) run competitively in both in the Gloucester 5k race and the Bourton 1 mile challenge, they also reccee’d a number of routes for the RSE away day event on Monday.  This person needs a holiday, maybe a 4 day break in Sydney in September where they could run a marathon?

There are also a number of other people that need mentioning this week.  They include;

Cheri Edwards and Teresa Hazlewood for coming first and second ladies in the Trailmania 3 race series.

Sharon Smith, Sandie Wood, Elaine Chapman and Mark Manly for getting medals in the Gloucester AAA County Race (Gloucester 5k).

Rosie Oates for what has been described as a really impressive, strong and speedy performance in the Bourton 1 mile challenge.

Finally to Gareth Roberts for completing his first run on what will hopefully be a short road to recovery.




RSE Racing Report – 15th July 2018

Race to the Stones

Over the weekend of 14th and 15th July the Race to the Stones took place.  This is a 100 km race along The Ridgeway which runs from the Chilterns to the North Wessex Downs, concluding at the old stone circle at Avebury, Wiltshire.  Competitors can either complete a 50 km distance in 1 day, complete the full distance over 2 days doing 50 kms each day or attempt the full distance in 1 day.

Historians say humans have walked the length of the Ridgeway for over 5000 years.  This weekend it was Mark Manley’s chance to follow in their footsteps on the same day as celebrating his birthday.

Mark completed the race in 14:05:27 coming 170th out of 895 runners who completed the course.  An absolutley fantastic result well done.


Lulworth Cove Trail Running Challenge

The Lulworth Cove Trail Running Challenge is an event that includes a 10km, half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon race on the same day.  The ultra marathon is a very challenging race that covers a distance of 32.1 miles with an elevation gain of 7208 feet.  It commences at Lulworth Cove and takes in one of the most beautiful and recognisable stretches of coastline in the country.

On Saturday 14th July Nadine Brown completed the ultra marathon event in a very impressive time of 8:25:18 coming in as the 6th female.  Outstanding effort.


The Selsey Sizzler

The Selsey Sizzler 10.4km is the second in the Trailmania series of races and took place on Sunday 15th July.  The race is 98% trail running and involves a total ascent of 542m.  It started at the King’s Stanley village green and headed off onto the Cotswold Way passing through Selsey Common, Pen Hill before returning back down to King’s Stanley.

Teresa Hazlewood completed a very hot race in an unofficial time of 1:10:00 followed shortly by Cheri Edwards in 1:12:59.

A great effort from you both.

Cirencester Park Run

Naomi Allen – 29:32

Charley Trykush – 34:54

Elle Murano – 53:15


Eastleigh Park Run

Brett Lyons – 26:53


Swindon Park Run

Jonathan Lewis – 21:57


Mentioned in Dispatches

For reasons that a clearly explained earlier in the report both Nadine Brown and Mark Manley are mentioned in dispatches this week.  Not only did they have to run further than they have ever ran, they had to deal with heat, extreme fatigue, sausage fingers (Mark) and ongoing ankle injury (Nadine).  Clearly both have demonstrated what can be achieved through hard work and determination and are great representatives of the club.

RSE Racing Report – 8th July 2018

Frampton 10k

On a sunny and hot evening on 2nd July 448 runners completed the Frampton 10k.   This was a flat and fast course that starts at the green in the picturesque village of Frampton-on-Severn before heading to the village of Fretherne and down to the river Severn before looping back to Frampton.  Seven members of RSE ran the race including Sarah Reynolds, Kirsty Pitts, Teresa Hazlewood, Paul Coates who were all recovering from their efforts in the Cotwsold Relay the day before.  Extra good effort from them.

First in for RSE was Teresa Hazlewood with a time of 48:25.  She was followed by;

Sarah Reynolds – 49:51

Paul Coates – 50:58

Kirsty Pitts – 55:50

Sarah Gray – 1:01:10

Jenny Hoffman -1:02:53

Caroline Coates – 1:10:58


Gloucester 10k

The Gloucester 10k race took place on Sunday 8th July.  The course was designed with sight seeing in mind and therefore it had the odd twist and turn.  However it was predominantly flat and for most runners this was a potential PB course.  During the race you visit the Gloucester Cathedral, Docks and Quays finishing at Gloucester Park.

Amanda Haines completed a very very hot race in 1:08:42.  She was followed by Kay Thompson in 1:19:07.

Well done both of you.

Bath Two Tunnels Races 

Also on Sunday 8th July RSE had a lot of runners taking part in the Bath Two Tunnels Races.  This was a multi distance event using the Two Tunnels Greenway path shared along Linear Park.  It includes the Devonshire Tunnel which measures 408m long and the Coombe Down Tunnel measuring 1672m long.  The half marathon route is a 2 lap out and back course which means that the runners pass through the tunnels 4 times during the race which makes it the race with the longest underground section in Britain.  It is sold as being perfect for setting a PB however this didn’t account for the very hot weather.  The coolness in the tunnels and the piped music where a welcome relief from the sun.

Libby Saunders completed the 5k race in 32:55

In the 10k Steve Phelps completed the race in 49:21 followed by Martin Pitts in 51:01.

First in for RSE in the half marathon with not only a PB by 6 minutes but in 4th place overall was Tom Cooper in a very impressive time of 1:25:14.

Next in for RSE was Ollie Hazel in 15th place overall in 1:32:53 who was followed by;

Andy Masser – 1:39:31

Dave Daniels – 1:46:39

Nadine Brown – 1:48:47 who was 4th in her age category.

Sharon Smith – 1:50:22 who was 1st in her age category.

Ellie Taylor – 1:55:37 who beat her PB by 5 minutes

Paul Coates – 2:00:25

Kirsty Pitts – 2:05:24

Sandie Wood – 2:12:41 who kept in the family trend by coming 4th in her age category.

Ryo Taylor – 2:22:07


Cirencester Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 21:59

Steve Sandercock – 26:39

George Rackley – 29:36

Jon Collins – 30:26

Naomi Allen – 31:48

Caroline Sandercock – 37:27


Mentioned in Dispatches

The following members have been selected to be mentioned in dispatches.

Tom Cooper for not only setting a PB during a very hot half marathon but by smashing his previous PB by 6 minutes and coming 4th overall.

Ellie Taylor for also setting a PB in the half marathon smashing her previous by 5 minutes.

Ryo Taylor for achieving something that has probably never been done before at the two tunnels half marathon.  Getting lost!

Everyone who raced on Sunday it was very hot.

PS – For those who are unsure about the rules concerning being mentioned in dispatches (I’m not surprised as I make them up as I go) you can’t nominate yourself.