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Championship 2022 – Update

Hi all,

Sharing an update of results for this years club championship. We have returned to the short, endurance and overall championship format this year, plenty of club races to get your teeth stuck into.

We have had 4 club races so far – 2 endurance, 2 short, and a fantastic turnout at all of them. It looks like we’re going to have an exciting year of racing, with a lot of names in the mix for possible prizes.

Endurance Expert 2022:

In our endurance category, race distances range from above 10km distance to marathon. The first race was the Wiltshire 10 miler in February, then the Berkeley Fission 20 miler in March.

Endurance Results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 18 points
  2. Elaine Chapman – 15 points
  3. Nadine Brown – 14 points


  1. Dave Witnall – 19 points
  2. Phil Southworth – 17 points
  3. Kevin Joynes-Creed – 11 points

Short Stuff Specialist 2022:

In our short stuff category, race distances range from 1 mile to 10km. The first race was the Linda Franks 5 miles in January, followed by the Highworth 5 in April.

Short Stuff Results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 19 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 14 points
  3. Kirsty Pitts – 11 points


  1. Mark Garrett – 20 points
  2. Dave Witnall – 18 points
  3. Darren Jenner – 13 points

Overall Championship 2022:

For the overall championship, the top scoring 4 races for each runner are taken from each category to get a combined score.

Overall results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 37 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 27 points
  3. Elaine Chapman – 22 points


  1. David Witnall – 37 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 30 points
  3. Phil Southworth – 25 points

It is very exciting to see so many names in the mix this year, although it is still early days and there are plenty of points to pick up. Our next Endurance race will be the Stratford Half marathon, and our next Short Stuff race will be the Cirencester Summer Sizzler 10km race.

For any information on the championship or upcoming races please speak to myself or Dave, your club captains.

Happy Running!


Ladies Club Captain

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