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RSE Club Report – Ultra Slogs!

Testway Ultra

This picturesque 40 mile ultra takes place in the heart of Hampshire across the meandering countryside. Running for RSE was Emma Thomas, who completed her first ultra with seasoned ultra runner, Nadine Brown!

Starting in the stunning Linkenholt estate in north Hampshire finishing in Totton in the south and giving you everything Hampshire has to offer from its lovely chalky hills to its picturesque villages in the south.

It was a fantastic route, really well signed – even in the dark; as our headtorches had to come out for the last 5 miles! Emma and I ran together and bearing in mind it was her first ultra she was incredible – we were very pleased to come under our 10hour target too.

Nadine Brown

Emma and Nadine finished in a brilliant time of 9 hours 43 mins! Incredible running from both of you!

Sodbury Slog

The race website quotes this run as ‘not for the faint-hearted’ – think trail, think hilly, think mud! Taking place in South Gloucestershire, the route includes water features and obstacles on private country land, to test the resilience of runners.

Zoe Markham-Lee took on the challenge, finishing in a great time of 2.12.10!

Just shy of 10 miles. Through sheep dips, pig troughs and loads of mud and poop. A hard trail run!

Zoe Markham-Lee

As the race website writes, ‘don’t swallow the water. It’s not all water’…

Well done, Zoe! We hope you managed to get clean before the car ride home…

The Druids Challenge

This scenic challenge takes place across 3 days, covering 136km of the Ridgeway (85 miles). The route boasts 2203m of ascent as well as prehistoric sites, valleys and stunning views.

No stranger to a Ridgeway ultra run but his first time completing the Druids challenge was Mark Manley, who took to the hills for the full 3-day course. He was joined by Lesley Hinsley for Day 3, which covered 47.7k of the route – her first ultra run!

It was truly amazing 29+miles. My first ultra. I’m hooked now and can’t wait for the next one. Beautiful scenery, perfect weather. Much easier than a marathon I might add. Mark is truly amazing, considering it was day 3 for him, he just kept going. Got the bug now!

Lesley Hinsley

Mark finished in a total time of 16hours 50min, 8th in his age category!

And Lesley completed Day 3 in a brilliant 5:45:13!


Cirencester Parkrun

  • Ollie Hazel – 21:24
  • Paul Robertson – 21:46
  • Paul Coates – 26:19
  • Liz Hilcup – 27:04 – 1st in age category!
  • Wayne Edgington – 28:08
  • Elaine Chapman – 34:48

Central Parkrun, Plymouth

  • Darren Jenner – 24:32
  • Felicity Crotty – 30:17

Parkrun result not mentioned? It may be that you’re not listed as Running Somewhere Else in the parkrun results online. For information on how to change/add RSE as your listed club, click here.

Safety Notice

A Message from Caroline Terry, Club Welfare Officer:

Firstly, thank you to club members who are wearing hi-visual running gear including body or head torches on club nights. (any time you run in the dark!)

Please can I remind you that light coloured tops and jackets are not so good at reflecting light. So please get yourself kitted out with something that helps you see where you are going and others can see you. (the pavements & roads are not so smooth… )

It is so important to run safely. It also sends a message to the general public and upholds our good reputation of being respectful to others who use the pavements and roads. (see RSE constitution).

Thank you and keep safe.

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Taylor by 5pm Sunday each week 🙂

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