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Cotswold Way 2020

The Cotswold way relay is a favourite club event. This crazy year meant that the official event was cancelled. The good news was that Team Bath decided to run a virtual event instead. We had until the end of July to complete and record our times for our assigned legs. A few changes to the format meant that we could choose to run all 10 legs, or choose to run the legs closest to you – Northern legs 1-5 or Southern legs 6-10. We decided to go for the Northern legs.

20 of you were keen to take part, so we had 4 virtual North teams.

RSE Mens team: Mark Manley (1), David Daniels (2), David Witnall (3), Ollie Hazel (4), and Henry Church (5)

RSE Ladies team: Sarah Reynolds (1), Elaine Chapman (2), Ellie Taylor (3), Nadine Brown (4) and Sharon Smith (5)

RSE Mixed 1 – Liz Farooq (1), Ben Chapman (2), Martin Sherriff (3), Kevin Joynes-Creed (4), and Sarah Page (5).

RSE Mixed 2 – Ann Gardiner (1), Vanessa Poole (2), Felicity Crotty (3), Gareth Roberts (4), and Cathy Steer (5)

We all had great fun getting back out on the Cotswold way, it was great to have the opportunity to take part. There were many adventures, and several members took a few detours!

The results have been added under the Cotswold way section of the website, where you will find your individual times and positions for your legs.

In terms of team results:

RSE Men finished in a time of 9:15:33, and were 5th in the mens category (5/10).

RSE Ladies finished in a time of 11:02:08 and finished 5th in the ladies category (5/8)

RSE Mixed 1 finished in a time of 10:58:26 and finished 8th in the mixed category (8/10)

RSE Mixed 2 finished in a time of 11:27:56 and finished 10th in the mixed category (10/10)

Well done to all who took part and thank you for sending us your results.

Elaine and Dave (Club Captains)

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