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Short Stuff Specialist Championship 2020 – Round 1

The first race of the RSE Short stuff specialist championship was at the Chilly 10km in Castle Coombe. As well as being chilly, it was also windy and rainy. Tough conditions didn’t stop our runners with 7 Men and 7 ladies competing. Some fantastic performances also saw RSE picking up the Men’s and Ladies team prizes.

Men’s competition

What a fantastic start! First through the finish line for the men was 2019 Club champion Dave Witnall. But he was closely followed, by not just one, not two but three of our club runners! Mark Garrett, Tom Razanan and Mark Manley all finished within 3 seconds of each other. It’s going be an exciting competition!

Results so far:

  1. Dave Witnall – 10 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 9 points
  3. Tom Razanan – 8 points

Ladies Competition

First lady through the finish line was Nia Glover in her first club race. Nia also smashed her PB by 2 minutes to pick up the 10 points. Rosie Oates had an eventful race! Starting at the back and nearly missing the start, she fought her way from the back to be second lady for the 9 points. Elaine Chapman picked up the 8 points as third lady.

Results so far:

  1. Nia Glover – 10 points
  2. Rosie Oates – 9 points
  3. Elaine Chapman – 8 points

Great start to the 2020 racing season. Fab running by all. Our next short race will be the Highworth 5 in April.

Happy Running!

Elaine, Club Captain

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