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RSE Race Report – Sunday 19th January 2020

Funchal Marathon

The Funchal Marathon, Madeira took place on Sunday 19th January. The race was run on a flat course, almost entirely on a closed, attractively landscaped circuit, and offered runners the chance to discover and enjoy the Madeira Island through the race.

Representing RSE was Mark Manley who was taking part in his 21st marathon and finished the race in 3:35.

Well done Mark

Linda Franks 5 Mile

The Linda Franks 5 mile took place on Sunday 19th January in Cheltenham. The course was fast and flat and consisted of two anti-clockwise laps sandwiched by a short ‘out’ and ‘return section.

Representing RSE was Linda Edwards who finished in a time of 40:22 which was a new PB.

Great running Linda

Gloucester Half Marathon

On what was a largely flat course that took runners through the wonderfully scenic parish of Haresfield and Colethrop village. The start point was School Lane, Quedgeley.

The half marathon route consisted of a run of 1.1 miles out to the main 5.5 mile loop which is completed twice before a 1 mile run to the finish. This was also the 1st on the club championship endurance races.

Representing RSE in the half marathon was Mark Garrett who finished in a time of 1:27:32. He was followed by,

Dave Witnall – 1:29:42

Andy Masser – 1:41:51

Ellie Taylor – 1:45:09

Rosie Oates – 1:51:20

Elisabeth Butler – 2:00:53

Caroline Terry – 2:25:30

Great running from you all.

Mentioned In Dispatches

The Gloucestershire AAA Road Race Series for 2019 consisted of 12 open races that covered a variety of distances. Points were awarded according to the runner’s position among fellow County runners. The best eight scores achieved were counted and at least five events had to have been completed.

Congratulations to Sarah Page who was awarded a silver medal in the Ladies Vet 55 category. A fantastic effort Sarah, well done.

Tetbury Goods Shed Park Run

Martin Pitts – 25:58

Cirencester Park Run

Dave Witnall – 20:55

Tom Razazan – 21:23

Ollie Hazel – 22:01

Oliver Hughes – 24:20

Elliot Gardiner – 24:37

Elaine Chapman – 24:56

Ellie Taylor – 24:56

Kevin Joynes-Creed – 25:09

Nadine Brown – 27:03

Rich Hobbs – 27:30

Linda Edwards – 27:41

Sarah Reynolds – 28:03

William Gardiner – 28:42

Emma Hine – 28:56

Ryo Woodsell Taylor – 28:56

Anne Gardiner – 29:37

Amanda Ball – 29:52

George Rackley – 32:09

Elizabeth Lloyd – 33:43

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