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Short Stuff Specialist 2019 update – Round 4

Sunday 23rd June saw the 4th round the of the short stuff specialist championship – the David Macnamee 10km. 7 Men, and 11 ladies competed on a sunny Sunday morning. The conditions were tough, but there was some excellent running.

Men’s Competition

David Witnall continues to dominate the short stuff championship, picking up the 10 points, followed by Mark Garrett for the 9th. A strong run by Dave Daniels in his first short stuff race of the year saw him picking up the 8 points. There has been change in the top 3, but it is still very close.

  1. David Witnall – 30 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 25 points
  3. Ben Chapman – 20 points

Ladies Competition

Another strong run by Rosie Oates saw her collect another 10 points. She was followed by Sharon Smith and Ellie Taylor for 9 and 8 points respectively.

  1. Sharon Smith – 36 points
  2. Rosie Oates – 30 points
  3. Ellie Taylor – 26 points

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