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RSE Racing Report – 2nd September 2018

Cotswold End of Season Standard Triathlon

On Saturday 1st September the Cotswold End of Season Standard Triathlon took place in South Cerney.  This involved a 1500m swim in Lake 62 followed by a 2 lap 40k cycle around the Cotswolds taking in some fantastic scenery which was fairly flat with a couple of gentle sloping inclines.  The race ended with a 9k lake path run.

First in for RSE was Sarah Reynolds in 2:39:31.  She was followed by;

Jess Osbourne – 2:54:21

Jo Wood – 2:54:22

Great effort from them all.


Chedworth Roman Trail 10 mile


The 20th staging of the challenging 10 mile multi terrain race in the heart of the Cotswolds took place on Sunday 2nd September.  This event started at the Chedworth Village Hall and involved running over tracks and woodland paths through the Stowell Park Estate and close to Chedworth Roman Villa.

First in for RSE was Tommy Cooper in 1:12:47 and in 15th overall place.  He was followed by;

Henry Church – 1:17:42

Mark Manley – 1:22:42

Sharon Smith – 1:30:08 and 1st in the V65 category

Nadine Brown – 1:32:03

Eleanor Taylor – 1:32:56

Cheri Edwards – 1:34:37

Elaine Chapman – 1:39:14

Kirsty Pitts – 1:46:40

Richard Taylor – 1:47:56

Rosie Oates – 1:49:08

Emma Hine – 1:53:37

Richard Marshall – 1:53:38

Liz Farooq – 1:54:57

Kate Potter – 2:01:15

Jenny Hoffman – 2:06:40

Not only a great turnout from RSE but some interesting pictures from the water obstacle.


Mentioned in Dispatches

Normally reserved for individuals who excel during an event this weeks mentioned in dispatches goes to all the volunteers who attended the Cirencester Park Run.  In the region of 40 RSE members attended the event to carry out the roles of marshalls and pacers.  This was an outstanding turnout for the club and only goes to underline the sort of club RSE is.  Being one of the scanners I was one of the last marshalls to see some of the runners and many of them commented on how much they enjoyed the event.  In fact one of the runners stated he had taken part in park runs throughout the world and this one was one of, if not, the best so far.


Cirencester Park Run

Tommy Cooper – 19:56 whilst set to run as pacer for 20 minutes.

Jonathan Lewis – 25:12

Wayne Edgington – 25:46

Richard Woodsell Taylor – 25:53

Steve Sandercock – 26:56

Emma Hine – 29:32 whilst set to run as pacer for 30 minutes.

Eleanor Taylor – 29:32

Caroline Sandercock – 36:34

Dave Whitlow – 36:49

George Rackley – 39:56 whilst set to run as pacer for 40 minutes.

Mr Manley (80 year old father of Mark) – 1:03:05

Nadine Brown – 1:03:05 whilst set to run as tail walker.


Cheltenham Park Run

Steve Phelps – 22:53


Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 20:43


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