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Short Stuff Specialist Championship 2018, Round 5 Update

Hi all,

Saturday 21st July saw the 5th race in the Short Stuff Specialist Championship, the Bourton mile, a new race to the club championships, and a first mile race for many! A decent turnout saw 5 men and 6 ladies compete.

Men’s competition

In the mens race, first home in a storming run, collecting his first ever 10 club championship points was Ben Chapman, who snuck past Mark Manley in the final metres, Mark took the 9 points. Steve Phelps took the honours for the 8 points, followed by Norm Lever and Rich Taylor, 7 and 6 points respectively.

This has changed the top 3 in the Men’s short stuff specialist championship, with Ben moving into 2nd place! Mark maintains his lead, with Tom Cooper and Dave Witnall tied for third, although both are 2 races down.

  1. Mark Manley 43 points
  2. Ben Chapman 31 points
  3. Tom Cooper and David Witnall 29 points

Mark is the only runner to have completed his 5 races, so from now on will be looking to improve his points.

Ladies competition

Another strong run saw Teresa Hazelwood first lady home picking up another 10 points. Rosie Oates ran brilliantly to pick up 9 points, ahead of Elaine Chapman who finished 3rd to pick up 8 points. They were followed by Sharon Smith, Sandie Wood and Kay Thompson, picking up 7, 6, 5 points respectively.

This has changed the top 3 in the ladies, Elaine still holds the lead, but with 2 wins under her belt, Teresa is closing in. It looks like it is going to be a close Short Stuff Specialist Championship! Sharon Smith is in third place.

  1. Elaine Chapman 46 points
  2. Teresa Hazelwood 40 points
  3. Sharon Smith 36 points.

Elaine, Teresa and Sharon are the only runners to have completed 5 races, so will now look to improve their scores, but with Nadine, Ellie and Cheri close, with 1 race behind, the competition is still wide open!

The next race in the Short Stuff Specialist Championship is the Bugatti 10km, in August.

Happy racing all,

Elaine, Co-captain

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