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Championship 2018 update – Endurance Experts Round 2

The 2nd race of the Endurance expert Championship was run at the Wiltshire 10, on 11th Feb. A great turnout from club runners saw many points given out. 10 ladies and 7 men took part.

First in for the men was Tom Cooper, strengthening his lead with another 10 points, followed by Jack Pitcher collecting 9 points, moving him into second place overall. Returning from illness and injury, Dave Witnall came in third to pick up 8 points.

First in for the ladies was Emily Jeffries, returning from injury for her first club race of the year, and collecting the 10 points. Nadine Brown again showed herself to be strong in the last miles and picked up the 9 points ahead of Elaine Chapman who finished in 3rd to pick up 8 points.

Special mention to Cheri Edwards and Becca Wilson who both ran in their first club championship races, both putting in great performances!

So overall results so far in the Endurance Experts Championship after race 2


  1. Tom Cooper 20 points
  2. Jack Pitcher 17 points
  3. Russell Young 9 points


  1. Nadine Brown 19 points
  2. Elaine Chapman 17 points
  3. Emily Jeffries 10 points.

Great running all. Next race is the Gloucester 20 mile race in March!

Happy Running!

Elaine, Club Captain.

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