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Anniversary Challenge Round up

Happy New Year all! Hope we’re all looking forward to another great year of running in 2018.

2017 saw our tenth anniversary and we ran 2 challenges alongside our championship. These were the highly successful Ten 10km’s challenge and the strava based runathon. The runathon, finished at the end of November and the Ten 10km’s finished at the end of December.


Ten 10km’s

This was a simple challenge, run ten 10km’s in 2017 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. Congratulations to all 24 of you who completed the challenge. There will be a technical T-shirt for your troubles.

In no particular order, well done to:

Nadine Brown, Kirsty Pitts, Pauline Tilbury, Elaine Chapman, Tracey Pitts, Laura Butler, Sallie Clatworthy, Caroline Terry, Sarah Grey, Ruth Herbert, Mark Manley, Richard Marshall, Kate Potter, Caroline Coates, Teresa Hazlewood, Paul Coates, Ted Pitts, Sharon Smith, Elspeth Murano, Matt Lambourne, Sandie Wood, Cat Shelley, Jenny Hoffman and Pete Whitmore.


This was the strava based challenge, running from February to November comparing distance run and distance climbed. A lot took part.The final results are as follows:

Distance challenge

  1. Amelia Culshaw 2549km
  2. Matt Lambourne 2419 km
  3. Elaine Chapman 1827km

Along with the top 3, Andy Masser, Nadine Brown, Kirsty Pitts, Jon Lewis, David Whitlow, and Amanda Tyler all ran over 1000km.

Climbing challenge

  1. Amelia Culshaw 35403m
  2. Matt Lambourne 17603m
  3. Nadine Brown 13476m

Again, along with the top 3 Jon Lewis, Elaine Chapman, Andy Masser and Kirsty Pitts climbed over 10000m ascent.

Also, for those that weren’t able to attend the Awards Evening, you won’t have seen our RSE Infographic for 2017. Please have a look… RSE infographic  … Quite an impressive read I hope you’ll all agree!

Some fantastic running in 2017, well done all who took part. I look forward to what 2018 brings!

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