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October Runathon results

Hi all,

The penultimate month in the runathon challenge saw a lot of people completing their marathons, well done all!

October Distance challenge

  1. Matt Lambourne 234km
  2. Amelia Culshaw 190km
  3. Nadine Brown 189km

October Climbing Challenge

  1. Amelia Culshaw 1824m
  2. Matt Lambourne 1286m
  3. Elaine Chapman 1201m

Great running all. With 1 more month to go, it’s close at the top of the distance challenge, although Amelia has a substantial lead in the climbing challenge. Many runners have smashed 1000km distance and 10000m ascent, which is a fantastic achievement.

Good luck all in the final month, remember, runs will need to be logged asap to count in November as the christmas party falls on the 1st December.

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