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RSE Racing report October 30 2017

Calne Clock Change Challenge 10k

This Wiltshire race featured another good turnout from RSE runners this weekend, with some impressive results. Sarah Gray and Sandie Wood were both completing their 9th 10k of their tenth 10K challenge.

Matt Lambourne, 39.09, Martyn Joyce 42:47, Cat Shelley, 55:45, Sarah Gray, 57:50, Sandie Wood: 1:00:31.

Sugar Loaf Winter Fell Race

Steven Priestnall took part in this tough race, which followed a 6mile course through Monmouthshire, with a very tricky final descent. Steven finished in 57:30, 64th overall.



Steve Sandercock, 26:23, Caroline Sandercock, 33:49


Martyn Joyce, 21:49

Jonathan Lewis, 23:38


Pete Whitmore, 1:01:20


Matt Lambourne, 21:38

Laura Butler, 34:14

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