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Results of Our Recent Survey – And What Happens Next…

Recently we conducted a survey to find out a bit more about what members thought about the club, and today we are reporting back on the findings.

Firstly thanks to everyone who took part in the survey – 28 of you took the survey and below are a few takeaways from your responses:

  • 40% of the membership responded
  • The average age of respondents was 46
  • Average length of membership of respondents was 4.3 years
  • People joined RSE for friendship, help with training and fitness, and the encouragement the club offers
  • They stay for many of the same things: “the people”, “friendship” and “encouragement” being the best things about the club
  • People have lots of different needs in their training and are interested in lots of different ways of training and finding out more about training and fitness
  • Our charity for the year is going to be the Churn Project

What are we going to do with these results?

We plan to look at the way we welcome new members and help existing members develop. We hope to have talks on running, fitness and training, and share training plans and info through our website and Facebook more often.

We want to be more inclusive and more social, with more informal social activities and arranged meet ups on race days.

We also hope to be more communicative as a committee and help more members of RSE get involved in how it’s run without having to make a massive time commitment throughout the year. We want to canvas your opinion about more issues and respond positively to the feedback we get.

We want to get better every year whilst holding onto the things that make us a great club: we’re welcoming, encouraging and our sessions are fun and inclusive.

We’ll report back soon on some concrete plans that achieve these ambitions, but in the meantime: thank you for your continued support for the club, your efforts on training nights and race days, and here’s to enjoying running together for years to come!

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