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Runathon 2017 – August results

With a lot of people marathon training at the moment, August saw some big mileage in the 2017 anniversary Runathon, well done all.

Distance Challenge

Matt took over from Amelia this month with a whopping 477km.

  1. Matt Lambourne 477km
  2. Amelia Culshaw 378km
  3. Nadine Brown 219km

Special mention to Amanda Tyler, just missing out by 1km on the 3rd place. Her marathon training is going great!

Climbing Challenge

Amelia was obviously slacking off a bit this month, with less than 6000m this time. But still an insane amount of hill work, 5375m ascent!

  1. Amelia Culshaw 5375m
  2. Matt Lambourne 3102m
  3. Andy Masser 1585m

Overall results so far:

With only 3 months left of this challenge, who is leading overall?

Top 3 in the distance challenge so far

  1. Amelia Culshaw 1772km
  2. Matt Lambourne 1710km
  3. Andy Masser 1326km

Top 3 in the climbing challenge so far

  1. Amelia Culshaw 26927m
  2. Matt Lambourne 13475m
  3. Nadine Brown 9877m.

Some fantastic mileage run this year, in the challenge, along with the top 3, Elaine Chapman and Nadine Brown have also run over 1000km, Kirsty Pitts is very close to the 1000km mark (997km!!) as is Jon Lewis (954km). I’m certain many will get there by the end of the challenge (30th November) too. Great running all round.

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