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Championship Handicap race at the Cirencester Park 10km

Round 10 of the championship is the Cirencester Park 10km. It is also the handicap race. Championship points will not be awarded as usual, each runner is given a handicap time, and points will be awarded for the biggest and most negative difference from your handicap time, if you get 2 minutes under your handicap time, you will have a -2 difference, this will score more than someone who is 2 minutes above their time with a +2 difference. This give everyone a chance at the 10 points regardless of speed! This year, due to the success of the Ten 10km challenge, we have calculated the handicap time using an average of the times for 10km races this year. I have gone onto entry central and taken the names of the 16 runners entered under the club name (remember you have to enter the race under the club name to qualify for points) and calculated a 10km time for each runner. For those who have not run a 10km this year, your time will be whatever it is on the day, and you will receive a 0 difference. This should in theory put you in the middle. I have printed a copy of the handicaps and calculations for people to check and will bring them down club for people to look at and check. Please come and talk to me if you need more information, or my calculations don’t match yours!

Thanks all,

Elaine Chapman

Club Captain

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