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Championship update round 9

The 9th race in the club championship was the Severn Bridge half marathon, an undulating race across the iconic Severn Bridge. 4 Men competed along with 8 Ladies. Lets see how this has affected the championship.

Men’s Championship

Mark Manley still holds onto first place, but Matt Lambourne is closing in fast, with only 4 more races to go this could be close! Dave Witnall was unable to compete due to injury but is still keeping his 3rd place, well done Dave.

  1. Mark Manley 65 points
  2. Matt Lambourne 49 points
  3. Dave Witnall 34 points

Ladies Championship

With Nadine still being the only club member to have competed in all the club races (well done Nadine!) she has completed more than the 8 race requirement, so now only her best 8 races count. With an improvement on a previous race, she has gained some points which extend her lead at the top, making it trickier for Elaine to catch up, but with Elaine still having a race in hand, the ladies championship is getting exciting, and like the mens, it looks like it will be close.

  1. Nadine Brown 69 points (best 8 races counted)
  2. Elaine Chapman 65 points
  3. Teresa Hazelwood 33 points

So it looks like both championships will go right to the end. The next club race is the Cirencester Park 10km, on the 16th September. It is also the club handicap race which always gives some interesting results, as anyone can get the top points. Happy running all!

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