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This week’s Racing – 8th July 2017


Massive congratulations to Amelia Culshaw who battled the snowy, mountainous conditions of the Hornindal Rundt, quoted as being Norway’s Toughest Mountain Race!  The 38km race took the runners through forests, across streams, through the snow and up several mountains with a total elevation of 2863m. Well done to Amelia who finished in an amazing time of 8hrs 10mins – a brilliant achievement.
Another amazing achievement from Ollie Hazel on Saturday when he completed the Pennine 39.  The race combined the Cumbrian/Durham Pennines where the runners ran along glorious riverside trails up to the high and remote fells of the area.  Starting at Bowlee and finishing at Alston with a total elevation of nearly 3000 feet.  Brilliant running well done Ollie.
On the lighter side of running well done to Laura Butler who ran in the Naked 5k Run on Saturday at Thorney Lakes, which is part of the British Naturism Foundation.
Our apologies but the rest of the photos are a tad wobbly and out of focus so have been missed off the report 😉 …
Well done to 5 RSE runners who ran in the Greystones Farm event on Sunday.  Sharon Smith, Kate Potter, Louise Abbott and Jenny Hoffman ran in the 10k. Elspeth Murano ran in the 5k.  Organised by the North Cotswold Rotary Club and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust the runners were taken on a mixed trail run/walk through the glorious countryside of Greystones Farm in Bourton on the Water.
There was short delay at the start of the event due to a frightened, angry male swan being herded away from the course.  But this just added to the hilarious randomness and organisation of the day.
Cheltenham: Alice Mason 28.23
Wootton: Richard Marshall 26.08
Swindon: Martyn Joyce 21.45 (Well done to Martyn who has now completed over 150 Parkrun’s!), Jonathan Lewis 26.42

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