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Cotswold way changes plus money please!

Hi all, have managed to find someone to take Amelia’s place, but will have to have a change of legs for a few people. Thanks Animal for stepping in. Since he needs an earlier leg due to a gig, i have put him on leg 4, moved Karl to leg 8 and Richard to leg 10 as he very kindly said he didn’t mind repeating the same leg. So teams are now

Team 1

1 Kirsty, 2 Ollie, 3 Bucky, 4 Stephen, 5 Nadine, 6 Graham, 7 Theresa, 8 Karl, 9 Dave, 10 Paul.

Team 2

1 Tracey, 2 Ben, 3 Sharon, 4 animal, 5 Martin, 6 Laurie, 7 Sallie, 8 Elaine, 9 Caroline, 10 Richard.

If people want to swap legs, sort between yourselves. Hope to get entry off soon. Also t-shirt sizes please!

2 thoughts on “Cotswold way changes plus money please!

  1. Elaine, can I pay electronically? I also haven’t paid for Hope 24, sorry. Am I still down to do it? Cheers, Animal (sorry my admin has been up my a**e) 🙂

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