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Championship update – Handicap details

Dear All,
The Cirencester Park 10k is the next club championship race, and this is our handicap race. Below are the details of the handicap system and how I have calculated it.
For the list of people who have entered the race that I can see on Entry Central, I have calculated an average time for the race. This has been based upon data that I have collected from the times listed on Run Britain.
For those that have entered the Cirencester Park 10k before I have taken the last time recorded against your name for this race on the Run Britain website and to account for improvements or injuries, I have taken the last road based 10k time that you ran and taken an average of the two times.
For those of you who have not run the race before I have taken your last two road 10k race times and averaged those.
For those who do not have a 10k time recorded against you I have attempted to guess a time based upon either your 5k time trial or other timed events.
The handicap is based on two set race times based on gender. These are 60 minutes for the ladies and 53 minutes 30 seconds for the men. The handicap is then calculated as the difference between your average time and the time for you gender. If your average time is faster than the gender time then the difference will be what I add to your finish time. If your average time is greater, then this will be taken away from your finish time.
For example:
My average time is 46:38. The male race time is 53:30. The difference between the two is 6 min 52 seconds. So if I finish in say 46:30, I will need to add a handicap of 6 min 52 sec to my time. So I will have a handicapped time of 53:22 after the race.
I will do the calculations for all of those who have entered the championship and will award points in order of the fastest handicapped time for each gender.
If you do enter on the day I will try to calculate your times retrospectively as per the method described above.
Good luck to all those competing!

The average times for people that I entered the race so far are as follows:

Forname; Surname; Gender; Average time; Handicap

Mark; Garrett; Male; 41:31:00; 11:59:00
Matt; Lambourne; Male; 41:31:30; 11:58:30
Timothy; Hodgetts; Male; 43:00:00; 10:30:00
Andrew; Maddison; Male; 43:29:30; 10:00:30
Martin; Pitts; Male; 45:35:30; 7:54:30
David; Whitlow; Male; 45:53:30; 7:36:30
Graham; Aitchison; Male; 46:38:00; 6:52:00
Sharon; Smith; Female; 48:28:30; 11:31:30
Elaine; Chapman; Female; 49:06:00; 10:54:00
Laurie; Davis; Female; 49:39:30; 10:20:30
Jon; Collins; Male; 50:45:00; 2:45:00
Brian; Pitt; Male; 50:46:00; 2:44:00
Kirsty; Pitts; Female; 51:45:30; 8:14:30
Joanne; Weavin; Female; 53:02:00; 6:58:00
Steve; Sandercock; Male; 53:41:30; -0:11:30
Laura; Maddison; Female; 55:27:30; 4:32:30
Pauline; Tilbury; Female; 57:00:00; 3:00:00
Kate; Potter; Female; 57:07:30; 2:52:30
Jenny; Hoffmann; Female; 59:58:00; 0:02:00
Sarah; Gray; Female; 62:21:30; -2:21:30
Caroline; Sandercock; Female; 65:51:00; -5:51:00
Amanda; Rowan; Female; 75:14:00; -15:14:00
Andrea; Wood; Female; 75:59:00; -15:59:00
Becky; Heal; Female; 81:07:00; -21:07:00
Elspeth; Murano; Female; 91:06:00; -31:06:00

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