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County Road Race Results

Massive congratulations to all of our runners who competed in the County road race’s this year.
The results are finally in:
1st LV60 – Sharon Smith
4th V40 – Russell Young
5th LV40 – Laura Maddison
5th V50 – John Buck.
Brilliant results!  Maybe we’ll see a few more members competing next year (Brian Pitt!!)….

One thought on “County Road Race Results

  1. The final results for the 2014 County Road Race Series can be found using the links below…

    Women = http://www.glosaaa.org.uk/PDFS/2014CountySeriesRace12women.pdf
    Men = http://www.glosaaa.org.uk/PDFS/2014CountySeriesRace12men.pdf
    Teams = http://www.glosaaa.org.uk/PDFS/2014CountySeriesRace12teams.pdf

    You need to score points in a minimum of 5 County Championship races to qualify.

    You’re competing within your age group, so if you’re a slow plodder like me you stand a chance of being competitive 😉

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