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Winter Running

Evening all,

Over the weekend I’ll be updating the calendar to reflect the Monday routes we will be doing. As you know, due to the Berlin Marathon, and associated injuries, I will not be running Monday’s for the next few weeks so wanted to raise some important issues regarding safety, and in that same mind, safeguarding the reputation of the club.

As the nights are drawing in, please try to make sure that you are dressing appropriately with hi-viz clothing and/or a reflective band or similar so that you can be seen at all times by various traffic. A headtorch would also be useful if you have one.

This brings into mind my thoughts about the reputation of the club. We must be aware that on Mondays & Wednesdays when we run as a group we wear our club tops & vests, clearly identifying ourselves. We do not want to have our reputation tarnished by our runners not crossing roads safely (such as at traffic lights) or generally not acting responsibly around the town whilst we are out together.

Stay safe, act safe, run safe!

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