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Club Championship Round 11

Hello all,

I have now updated the club championship standings to include the results from the Stroud half marathon this weekend. There were 11 runners from Running Somewhere Else competing in the race, 2 ladies and 9 men.

The results from this race have seen a few changes to the championship standings, which in brief are as follows:

1) Teresa Hazelwood 67 (7 races run)
2) Sharon Smith 66 (8 races run)
3) Elaine Chapman 50 (7 races run)
4) Sharon Baldwin 49 (5 races run)
5) Sallie Jamieson 36 (4 races run)
6) Laurie Davis 32 (5 races run)

1) James Thomas 78 (8 races run)
2) Simon Bowers 73 (9 races run)
3) Russell Young 66 (8 races run)
4) David Witnall 53 (8 races run)
5) Graham Aitchison 44 (9 races run)
6) Oliver Cooper 42 (7 races run)

Please note, that only the best 8 race results will be counted and entrants must have competed in a minimum of 5 races to included in the final standings.

Therefore, it will come down to the final race of the championship, the Tewkesbury 5 mile, to settle the final standings. This is especially the case for the ladies championship where 1 point separates 1st and 2nd place and 3rd and 4th place. The number of races run will also affect the standings, so this is going to go all the way to the last chequered flag! The men’s championship is a little more fixed now with only 1 place possibly changing in the top 5.

Just a reminder that to qualify for championship points:

* Enter the race under your own name.
* Enter the race as a member of the Running Somewhere Else club.
* Wear official running club apparel.

A full list of all the rules for the championship are posted on the third page of the latest club standings.

So for the final time and for the last 5 miles in this championship, good luck and happy running.



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