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Club Championship Update: Round 9

Hello all,

For all those new to the club, I will briefly explain what this is all about.

As a club we have a championship, which is a series of 12 races spread over the year. You do not have to enter the championship, and if you decide to enter, you do not have to enter all of the races. Entrants need to compete in at least 5 races and your top 8 race results will be added up to give your position amongst those who have entered after the final race of the championship.

All of the rules for the championship are posted on page 3 of the latest club standings. Please note that to be awarded points you must:

* Enter the race under your own name.
* Enter the race as a member of the Running SomeWhere Else club.
* Wear official running club apparel.

I have uploaded the initial list of races that will make up the 2015 Championship (see the championship races link). At the moment the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 1st March 2015 is the only race that is currently open, as far as I know, so sign up if you would like to take part in next years championship.

I have also updated the club championship standings for 2014 following the Cheltenham Half Marathon.

To give you a brief overview the top 5 positions in the standings after the first 9 races are as follows, note that there have been a few changes at the top and it is quite close, so expect more changes over the last three events:

1) Teresa Hazelwood 67
2) Sharon Smith 57
3) Elaine Chapman 42
4) Sallie Jamieson 36
5) Sharon Rastelli 30

1) James Thomas 68
2) Simon Bowers 63
3) Russell Young 48
4) David Witnall 42
5) Graham Aitchison 40

If there are any queries over the standings please come and see me at the club sessions.

Good luck in the championship, and any other races that you enter!


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