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Cirencester Park 10k


A fabulous turnout from Running Somewhere Else for this years Cirencester Park 10k.  32 RSE members were among 486 runners who ran this scenic undulating course on a gorgeous autumn morning.  First home for the club was James Thomas finishing in 14th position with a time of 37.58, followed by Simon Bowers in 17th position 38.16, Russell Young 40.06, John Buck 40.59, Oliver Cooper 41.47 (PB), Luke Nesfield 43.16, Dave Witnall 43.31, Lee Ellis 44.29, Martin Pitts 44.36, Sharon Baldwin 45.05 (2nd FV55), Graham Aitchinson 46.09, Ben Chapman 46.22 (PB), Paul Forbes 46.34, Paul Coates 47.16, Sharon Smith 48.04, Stuart Dennis 48.58, Elaine Chapman 49.34, Jon Collins 49.46 (PB), Laurie Davis 49.59, Kirsty Pitts 51.32 (PB), Alastair Wood 52.19, Robyn Friesner 53.19 (PB), Ron Gutfield 54.17 (PB), Laura Maddison 54.58, Elizabeth Clark 55.28 (First timer!), Kim Forbes 56.20, Hali Kinson 57.01 (First timer!), Claire Joyce 1.00.30, Alice Mason 1.02.12, Tracey Pitts 1.02.16, Caroline Terry 1.05.27 and Sue Whittles 1.09.52,
A big thank you to our supporters cheering us on along the way.  And also a massive thank you to Jacki Day, Andy Sampson and the helpers at Somewhere Else for the BBQ after the race.

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