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london tri
Club coach Matt Lambourne entered a competition recently and was very fortunate in winning a place to be part of a Trialthlon Sprint relay team which included Mark Foster (5 time Olympian) and Matthew Gambles (SportsAid Fundraiser).  Matt was supposed to be running but Mark Foster surprised everyone by opting for the 5k run. So 20 minutes before, he was aked to compete in the 750m swim instead.  Matt finished in the top 10 which was his first competitive swim in 10 years.  Their team was second celebrity captained team.
Matt was interviewed by Tri247 (there’s some famous swimmer bloke in there too!).

Andy Sampson also competed on Sunday at the London Tri, unfortunately he was injured due to an accident on his bike and was unable to finish.  Hope you get better soon Andy!
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2 thoughts on “LONDON SPRINT TRI

  1. What an amazing story! I am full of admiration Matt. To have to swim when you were expecting to run and then to do so well is just fantastic. Such a shame Andy had to pull up. Hope you feel better soon.

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