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Weekend results

Well done to Laura and Andrew Maddison who competed in different events this weekend and to Ali Traynor who did amazingly well in her first ever middle distance triathlon.
RSE Ultra marathon runner Laura Maddison  was 22nd overall and 4th women in the 24 hour track race. Laura completed 304 laps, 121.6km, (75 miles) in 23:58:35.
 Andrew Maddison competed in the Ironman 70.3 UK down in Exmoor at the weekend finishing in 6:19:30.
Well done to Ali Traynor who took part in her first triathlon on Sunday at the Cotswold 113 triathlon in the Water Park. Ali  finished in 5:20:58 with a swim of 29.45, bike 2.51.24 and run 1.56.17.

One thought on “Weekend results

  1. Well done to everyone who raced at the weekend, especially Andrew – I know how hard you trained for that course PB 🙂

    This was my first ever track race, and it will probably be my last. It’s good to try new things and push yourself, and I’m glad I gave it a go. But I was (with the exception of the MP for Gloucester who did a token lap of the track at the start of the race) the least talented person there. Running (and walking) round a track for 24 hours isn’t just boring, it’s incredibly tough on your body, much more so than doing 24 hours off-road. There’s no variation in terrain and you’ve got very little concept of distance covered. The thing that made the event special was the other competitors who were all fantastic, and the organisers and helpers. Shuffling round the track whilst trying to eat a baked potato with beans and cheese was quite an experience; waking up to find myself in a portaloo was a surprise; chatting to 76 year old Syd from Chepstow about the Comrades marathon at midnight (his favourite race ever) was lovely.

    I finished in 22nd place. Syd (aged 76) was 21st, and Geoff (aged 80) was 20th. Maybe track ultras are something you mature into?

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