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Fairford 10K

Why run when you can ride? ;-)

Why run when you can ride? 😉


Thanks to everyone from the club (and their friends and family) who helped yesterday and in the lead up to the race. We’ve received some great feedback on how well-organised it was and how friendly and encouraging all the marshals were. Well done everyone!
We had around 60 more runners than last year, a total of 386 finishers, with some real speedy runners at the front – the top 3 finishing in under 33 minutes!!
Good work, everybody.

Click here for the full race results.

Excellent gallery of photos over on our SmugMug page

2 thoughts on “Fairford 10K

  1. Sooooo funny !! Maybe I should get me one of those….

    Great day. Had loads of good comments. Well done to both Mark and Caroline for all the time spent organising the race (it takes a lot of hours) and of course to all those who helped.

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