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Cotswold Way Relay 2014
On Saturday 28th June three teams of 10 RSE runners took part in the 22nd Cotswold Way Relay. In total 90 teams from around the area took part. This race is 102 miles long split into 10 varied stages following the undulating trail of the Cotswold Way from Chipping Camden to Bath Abbey, up hills, over fields, along roads and trails, through woods, hills and more hills! Whether you loved it or hated it there is no denying that we live in a stunning part of the country….Well done to all who took part and thank you to our supporters and especially Caroline Coates for organising the day and night.

Stage 1 – Sophie Dennett, Wayne Edginton, Kim Forbes, Stage 2 – Dave Witnall, Simon Bowers, Kirsty Pitts, Stage 3 – Ben Chapman, Paul Coates, Jenny Hoffman, Stage 4 – Oliver Cooper, John Buck, Hazel Bridges, Stage 5 – Elaine Chapman, Sharon Smith, Jacki Day, Stage 6 -Theresa Hazlewood, Jon Collins, Tracey Pitts,  Stage 7 – Adrian Hazlewood, Sharon Rastelli,  Caroline Terry, Stage 8 – Matt Lambourne, Dave Whitlow, Alice Mason, Stage 9 – Liz Coombes, James Thomas,  Louise Abbott, Stage 10 –  Robyn Friesner, Alison Trayner and Zoe Heywood.
Funniest moment….. On arriving through the finish line James was handed a bottle of champagne from one of the marshalls ‘Well done you’re first lady home’  to which James replied ‘But I’m not a lady??!!’… ‘Oh’ she replied ‘You’re just a very pretty man then’….

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