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Christmas Running Plans

You may have noticed that both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both fall on a Wednesday this year, for that reason there will be no club training session on either day. However if you’re really keen I believe Swindon Park Run maybe holding events on both days, please check their website in advance or speak to Matt Lambourne. There is also a New Year’s Day 5 mile race in Glos at the Pilot Inn (see calendar for details).

I will be canvassing opinion about training over Christmas period. Do you wish to train over the holiday period day/evening time and do you wish to train on Monday 23rd December as normal? Please feedback via the website or at tomorrow’s session.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Running Plans

  1. Would be good to run on 23rd as normal ?
    How about running on Thursday 2nd instead of 1st. I would imagine a lot of people will be keen to get back to it after stuffing themselves and drinking too much over the Christmas period ?
    What does anyone else think ? Tracey

  2. For those who would consider Swindon parkrun – there can not be an officially sanctioned run on Christmas Day as Lydiard Park is officially closed – so I will be running much closer to home. However, parkrun will be happening on New Year’s Day, 9am. If you’ve not been before and are interested in a timed 5k (it’s no a race), http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register and DON’T FORGET YOUR BARCODE!

    Otherwise, Monday 23rd December I’ll be intending to turn up as usual, as with the 30th December.

  3. For those as nuts as me… whilst Swindon parkrun is not officially sanctioned, Cheltenham is… deciding whether or not to venture up there Christmas morning for a short 5k time-trial to prepare myself for Christmas pud… feel free to join

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