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Guy Fawkes 5 Mile

Well done to everyone who ran on Sunday. What a great race !!

With this 5 miler being the last race in the club championship the final points were up for grabs.
With Mark Garrett taking the title in the mens two races ago it was left to Russell Young and Simon Bowers to decide 2nd and 3rd place with Russell finishing ahead of Simon in 30.28 despite Simon completing the course in 31.08 to record a PB.
Sharon Baldwin was first across the line for the ladies to pick up the 10 points and a PB and the ladies title finishing in 36.05 followed by Deb Barry who finished 2nd in the table with a time of 36.39 and Sharon Smith collected 3rd place although didn’t take part in the race.
Well done to Ivor Probert, 35.46, James Thomas, 31.57, Paul Coates 40.30 and Tracey Pitts, 47.52 who all achieved PB’s.
Other Times: Dave Whitlow 35.07, Andy Sampson 37.42, Brian Pitt 39.51, Ruth Herbert 41.12, Liz Coombs 43.07, Kirsty Pitts 43.42, Caroline Coates 47.21 and Phillipa Sawyer 50.09.

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