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One thought on “SALISBURY 5-4-3-2-1 50K TRAIL

  1. I can’t recommend this event highly enough – if it was on again this weekend I would be there!

    It’s brilliantly organised, the route is varied and interesting and because it offers a variety of walking and running distances it attracts a huge range of people from racing snakes to shufflers, of all sizes and all ages. You can walk 5k/10k/21k/30k/42k/50k or you can run 10k/21k/30k/42k/50k. The 5k walk is suitable for pushchairs/wheelchairs; dogs are allowed on all the distances. There were loads of feed stations, and some amazing bread pudding at about 19 miles (these things are important!)

    I’ll definitely be back for more next year if anyone wants to join me…?

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